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/artist statement/


 Sooyon Kim summons and dissolves sources of her research in DIY style of making process, existing material, texture, labour and rules with hierarchies in taste and within styles and aesthetics, as her interest lies in system of aesthetic choices made in current mass production and consumption process, and how they travel.


There are domestic items or backgrounds implicated in the bodies of work - mass produced symbols of beautiful elements could always be found at home. They often attempt to be sculptures that are in relation to objects that are such modern invention of self-assemble-kind-of-craft. By adapting materials and textures in ready-made objects for housing decoration, she wishes to draw out this complex history map of how images come into existence in the site of living, and even to one's spiritual senses of the world and time.


Her working process continues in a hope that this would also evoke the question of what our choices can talk about notion of visual values.



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